We are very  proud to announce the release of 'Less'. The 3rd album of danish songwriter Hjalte Ross. 

October 13th 2023, Hjalte Ross will be releasing his new album 'Less'. He describes it as his most direct, vulnerable and expressive songwriting ever, a process that has been more personal and meaningful than before. Self-produced, minimalistic, beautiful and deadly is what the new Hjalte Ross album portends.

Already with the two albums, the debut 'Embody' (2018) and the follow-up 'Waves of Haste' (2020), the award-winning young artist established his name both in Denmark and on the international songwriting scene. The records were followed up by critically acclaimed concerts and great attention. KEXP, MOJO, Uncut, Clash Magazine, are just some of those who shown their love for the Danish songwriter.

Wild and soft is the new Hjalte Ross, describing that ‘Less’ is a collection of songs for your sacred hour, connecting with your emotions. Hjalte Ross introduces his album; "‘Less’ encompasses songs that were crafted during difficult and challenging times, yet written, nevertheless. It embodies the transformation of chaos into tangible form, dismantling obscurity.‘Less’ contains not just one specific emotion, but rather a collection of emotions that all fall under the theme of inadequacy." Ross lays bare his innermost thoughts, creating an atmosphere of shared intimacy. Ross' artistic voyage wasn't navigated alone. Collaborations with fellow musicians Mads Lang, Astrid Matthesen, Jonas Kardyb, and the skillful touch of mixing engineer D. James Goodwin have infused "Less" with a richness that reverberates through every note. The title "Less" isn't a mere description; it's a doorway into the thematic core of the album. Ross delves into the complexity of emotions, challenging the notion that these feelings are solely his own. "Less" is an invitation to a shared experience—sorrow, hope, and growth—that transcends the individual and binds us as human beings.

In a world that often values spectacle, "Less" is an understated triumph—a reflection of Ross' determination to confront his own vulnerability and illuminate the beauty within it.

This is ‘Less’.


First single "Don't", released August 24th.

Black vinyl press with 28 page booklet 

Cream white vinyl press with 28 page booklet, limited to 300 - only available at the homepage